St. Jude Employee Believes in Hospital's Mission

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Dr. John Lench grew up in Letcher County, Ky. before attending school at Yale.

Following his graduation, he and his wife decided they wanted to be a part of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

"We decided that the mission of St. Jude was very, very hard to resist," Lench said.

He typically works between eleven and thirteen hours a day.

"It's all dependent on what I'm doing on a given day," Lench explained.

He's currently studying a protein of the mitochondria. He believes changes in this protein could negatively effect the body.

"That allow cancer cells to survive conditions they otherwise may not," Lench said.

Lench admits that the hospital goes above and beyond to make sure the doctors and employees have all that they need at their disposal.

"At St. Jude I think they have a very good focus on seeing that the research actually happens," he added.

That doctor said of all the places he's ever worked, he ranks St. Jude at the top.

"It makes it very pleasant to come to work to a place that you know that you're accomplishing something and that it's part of a very good story. It's a wonderful place," he assured.

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