Hometown Hero: Ricky Beavers

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Rita's Pub is known for its drinks, its good times and its karaoke.

Bar patron, "I love karaoke. It's a good atmosphere here and Ricky Beavers takes good care of people."

For about three years Ricky Beavers has been helping his friend Don Spears out by running the karaoke machine and requests at Rita's Pub.

Spears says, "Ricky's just very talented. And everybody loves him and he just loves everybody."

Bar employee, "He's just sweet. He does a good job. He hardly ever takes a break. He plays for young and old alike. And everybody seems to love him."

But there's something about Ricky that isn't immediately obvious.

Ricky Beavers says, "I'm totally blind. When I was born I was premature and they gave me too much oxygen and I slowly lost my sight."

But Ricky doesn't let his blindness keep him from doing what he loves.

Beavers says, "It's like anything else. You gotta play around with it. I consider this stuff (karaoke equipment) a toy. It's a toy that if you work with it, you can master it. And that's what I've been trying to do."

Spears says, "I think a lot of people don't really think he's blind. He's so amazing at what he does. People say, 'Is that guy really blind?'

And Ricky's not letting his disability get in the way of his love for karaoke.

Beavers says, "I got over 15,000 songs in karaoke and I've got them all brailed and numbered for me!"

HIs enthusiasm and zest for music, along with overcoming his loss of sight, makes Ricky Beavers this week’s Hometown Hero.

Beavers even recorded an album of his own songs last September in Nashville. He's hoping to get a record deal soon.