Democrats Take Gonzales Campaign to New Level

Democrats took their campaign against Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to a new level on July 26, 2007 .

Democrats claim they've been stonewalled with lies and silence about the firing of nine U.S. attorneys.

Now, they've called for a special counsel to investigate what one of them called "lying" in Gonzales' sworn testimony.

"This week he contradicted his prior statements, he contradicted the sworn testimony of Jim Comey and he contradicted a letter written by former Director of National Intelligence John Negroponte," said Democratic Senator Charles Schumer.

Comey, the former deputy attorney general, has contradicted Gonzales' testimony.

The White House issued a written statement that says every day Congress gets a little more out of control and that it's unfortunate they continue to neglect the issues important to Americans.

The Senate Judiciary Committee also subpoenaed White House Aide Karl Rove to testify on the prosecutor firings.

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