Abused Animals Need Homes

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We have an update on the abused animals rescued in Richardsville on July 19, 2007 .

Nine dogs and seven cats were taken to the Humane Society by Animal Control. One of the cats and five of the dogs were euthanized. The rest are waiting for a good home. If they don't find one they could be euthanized too.

The Humane Society says they are overloaded with animals. More than 40 animals were dropped off in the first two hours they were open today.

People like Marjorie Kinkel can't imagine abusing animals.

"It makes me sad when I see them at the door. I think oh no, not another one," she said.

Marjorie finds abandoned animals on her doorstep all the time. She found this kitten and named her Lovey.

"She would rather I pet her than feed her. She's just a little sweetheart," Kinkel said.

Marjorie and her husband just aren't able to care for a pet so she brought Lovey to the Humane Society.

"They're probably going to be put to death but it's better then being abandoned, left to suffer outside," Kinkel said.

Just like these animals that were left for dead on Green Castle Rd.

"We believe three out of four dogs will be able to be adopted. On one, we're still
working on some aggression issues," said Lorri Hare, Humane Society Director.

That's why they're in quarantine until the Humane Society sees that they're adoptable. Hare said the rescued cats are healthy and ready for a good home.

"They are still very timid and very shy. So it would take the right type of home," Hare explained.

If not...

"There's only one option," Hare said.

Since July 1, the Humane Society has euthanized 360 animals.

"We're doing 20 to 30 daily," Hare said.

Although Marjorie doesn't own Lovey, she said she's doing what the pet owner in Richardsville should have done.

"Can I make a donation?" she asked.

At least Lovey will be taken care of.

Lorri Hare said it's important to either put a microchip or tag on your pet so it can be identified if it's lost. It could save your animal's life.

Pets that are brought into the Humane Society without identification are euthanized if there are no available cages.

If you would like to more information about the recent animal abuse case in Richardsville, check our story below: "Animals Mistreated: Former Humane Society Employee at Fault."

To see animals up for adoption locally, click here.

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