Myspace Sex Offenders Reaching 30K

More than 180-million profiles make up the social networking website

At least 29,000 belong to registered sex offenders.

If you're a parent, how do you really know who your children are talking to?

We called Kentucky State Police computer experts in Frankfort and asked the same question. They were simply stumped.

KSP says they're trying to figure out ways to alert parents of who their children are chatting with online, but for many reasons there's no way to tell.

For instance, we tried to see how easy it would be to find a Warren County registered sex offender on Myspace. It wasn't easy.

In many cases the name matched, but there wasn't a picture on Myspace. The physical description matched, but the age was different.

Some parents we spoke to say they're not alarmed and parents need to take precautionary measures other than monitoring their child's online activity.

"There are children who are not getting the love and support at home or with other adults that they need. If you don't get it at home you'll find it somewhere else," Lee Huddleston said.

Sex offender registry officials in Frankfort are working on a program to enable you to search who your child is talking to online, but the program is still in the works.

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