Jason Uhles Sentenced

A Bowling Green businessman is sentenced in Warren Circuit Court on July 27, 2007, for “theft by unlawful taking,” after being sentenced in federal court last year on mail fraud charges.

Judge John Grise sentenced Jason Uhles to two years in prison, probated to five years. That means instead of serving two years behind bars Uhles will be put on probation for five years. If he does anything to violate his probation during that time, he must serve his full prison sentence and he must still serve 55 days in jail starting July 31.

Court documents show Uhles has already paid restitution of $6,000.

Last year in federal court he was sentenced to 12 months and one day in the state penitentiary. These sentences are the result of the misappropriation of funds Uhles commited as vice-president of Universal Developments International Incorporated, an oil well investment firm.