Ministry Helps Area Families

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With gas prices still high and other day-to-day costs on the rise, families are looking for ways to save money.

The Angel Food Ministry is a great way to get a lot of food for nearly half the price and you may be surprised to know that any household can get their groceries with the organization.

Many area families are turning to the Angel Food Ministries to help ends meet. Sue Cotter is one of them.

"I remember back-to-school and especially with prices these days, this kind of helps you because you get a lot of food for your money," Cotter explained.

Sue is a single mom who just finished her degree, so money has been hard to come by at times.

"I like to say this is my son and I am going to take care of him," Cotter said.

With programs like the Angel Food Ministries, parents just like Sue are able to stay independent and still meet their families needs.

"This program is a great blessing to help people who make too much money to get assistance with food when they fall through the cracks," Cotter assured.

Organizer Bonnie Sherwood said the great thing about the ministry is that it doesn't discriminate.

"Angel Food Ministries is a distribution program that is available to help anyone," Sherwood said.

And they do. Sue said she can't thank them enough.

"It means a lot to me that they would care to try and reach out to someone, especially me being a single-parent," Cotter said.

Angel Food Ministries is based out of Georgia and is currently serving 34-states.

Locally, the ministry was brought to Bowling Green in Nov. of 2006 and is currently serving 500 families in the area.

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