Former Students Remember Plano School

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As Plano Elementary prepares to open it's doors for the new school year, it's a time for new beginnings for students.

But as they look ahead, former students from the old Plano school look back and remember the old school that educated many of the people still residing in the Plano community today.

Joe Meng remembers his days at the old Plano Elementary pretty well.

"We had blackboards with erasers and kids would get to go outside and dust the erasers," Meng recalled.

When Meng was at Plano, it was only a two-room school and operated with just two teachers.

Ruth Sims Josts said she can recall her school days at Plano like they were yesterday.

"Even though we did not have air-conditioning, indoor bathrooms or anything like that, there was just so much love in our school," Josts said.

And a love that she hopes the children of the new Plano school will feel as well.

"I tell you this is just awesome and I am so happy for the young children in this community to have the privilege to come to this school," she admitted.

Norman Strain brought a very unique piece of the old Plano school to share at the new school.

"This old bell was supposedly used from some of the teachers," Strain showed.

He recalls the bell being used by his teachers to call the students in from recess.

All three former Plano students were at the dedication to bless the new school with their old memories and wish everyone involved with the school a bright future.

"I never thought there would be another school. So I am really proud that we have an elementary school back and it's a nice school for the community."

The old and new students were brought together today at the new Plano Elementary where the former students were recognized in a dedication ceremony and the new ones were able to tour the school and meet the teachers of the new Plano Elementary.

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