Storms Mean Big Business for Local Companies

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Tuesday's round of severe weather may have brought down limbs and power lines, but it's bringing up the bottom lines of some local companies.

"We've been covered up. We pulled in 3 more crews just to keep up, " reports Paul Lamb of Lamb's Tree Service. "There's probably more than anyone can handle right now."

Lamb's Service has taken more than 300 work requests since Tuesday night, and expect to work 15 hour days for 3 weeks straight to catch up with the workload.

"We're taking it 1 call at at time," Lamb says.

Home Depot stayed open until midnight on Tuesday to sell emergency supplies to customers, and the store has seen a 40% increase over average business ever since.

"Had a lot of our customers come in and buy generators, chainsaws, flashlights, batteries, all that kind of good stuff to help them get through the night," assistant manager Jim Freeze says. "We started with about 200 chainsaws when the storm hi, I'm down to about 20 chainsaws right now."

Home Depot is also bringing in extra shipments of generators to meet the demand.