Pharmacy Goes High-Tech

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"It's quick and convenient," said Nation Medicines customer David Anderson.

In a world where we expect everything, well, yesterday, Nations Medicines combines advanced technology with the speed and convenience of a drive-thru window.

"It looks a lot like something you'd see at a drive-thru restaurant or bank," said pharmacist Steve Sheldon.

A drive-thru pharmacy isn't a new concept, but there's nothing quite like this one.

"It's very interesting, it's very new technology," said customer Chesa Montgomery.

Monitors let you see the pharmacy technicians face-to-face, your prescription order is flashed on the screen and you can even swipe your own credit or debit card in the drive-thru lane.

"We wanted to make the drive-thru windows more personable and where people felt like they were standing in front of us," said Sheldon.

Nations Medicines has been in business 20-years, and it initially resisted implementing a lot of new technology for fear of alienating the elderly population.

"They're much more accepting of today than they were eight or
ten-years ago, even five-years ago," Sheldon said.

"It's accessible especially since I pick up medications for my uncle who's in a wheelchair, so it helps him," Montgomery said.

Another thing moving customers through quicker is automation that counts pills, labels the bottles and moves them through quickly to be checked before leaving with the customer.

"I think in your local independent pharmacy you're going to find all of us are going to try to move in this direction," Sheldon said.

It's all part of new-age technology that some say we're going to see more and more of in everyday life.

The Banker's Store helped Nation's Medicines design its new system.

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