Library Tries to Find Homes for Old Books

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Librarians hate to get rid of old, used books and if you're a book junkie then you understand why .

But sometimes libraries have no choice but to dispose of damaged and outdated books.

You may have seen video on "You-Tube" of books in the dumpster at the L & N Depot Library branch in Bowling Green.

It may look like they were disposed of for no reason, but librarians say they go to great lengths to find old books a new home.

And sometimes, they have no choice other than to throw them away.

These books are good and going back into rotation. But not all are so lucky.

"If it is really in bad shape with broken spines and missing pages, or has water damage," said Alisa Carmichael, Bowling Green Public Library Director.

Librarians are constantly weeding out damaged and outdated books to make room for new ones.

"You wouldn't want someone basing their medical knowledge on a book that's so old that the information hasn't changed," Carmichael explained.

The old books are placed in a book sale twice a year and some are even given away.

But the books that are leftover have to be thrown away.

You may be wondering why they're even getting rid of books when there's still room on the shelves.

"If you weed your collections, they check out better," Carmichael said.

And people like Teresa Brock understand the importance of weeding and having book sales.

"They have tables and tables of books and it's a wonderful opportunity to get the books you've already checked out during the year. To be able to have a children's library at your house is a great opportunity," Brock said.

Teresa and her daughter come to the library every week.

"We had our cable turned off and made the commitment to partake in the books. My daughter picks out books, then I pick some too and that's what bedtime reading is all about," Brock said.

But if it wasn't for book sales, Teresa's daughter wouldn't have as many books of her own.

The Bowling Green Library Book Sales are held twice-a-year.

The next one is Sept. 14 through the 16 at the L & N Depot branch.

And remember, what isn't bought or given away, will be thrown away.

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