Adventures in Kentucky: Alpine Slide

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On the last edition of Adventures in Kentucky, Brandon Lokits toured the backwoods of Kentucky on ATVs.

This week, Brandon explores the fun and exciting Alpine Slide in Cave City.

The Alpine Slide is an attraction that has become legendary in South-Central Kentucky. The idea is quite simple. All you need is a sled, a track and a hill, and let gravity do the rest.

"You ride in a plastic sled. The sled has a lever that can push forward and it has wheels that come down. It makes it go faster. If you want to slow it up, you pull the handle back and it has rubber grips that come down and will slow it up. The Alpine Slide is a lot of fun but you do have to be careful on it. You can wreck the thing if you get wild with it," Ricky Carey said, with the Kentucky Action Park.

Riders take the chair lift to the top of the Alpine Slide. When at the top, slide enthusiasts are able to get in the sleds and ride all the way to the bottom.

"My family and I, we've been here since 1970 when the chair lift was first built. The Alpine Slide was installed in 1981. The chair lift and the Alpine Slide were actually owned by a company in Vermont," Carey explained.

Since then Carey and his family have acquired all of the attractions that make up the 500-acre Kentucky Action Park facility.

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