Police to Ticket School Zone Speeders

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Starting Aug. 1, Bowling Green City Schools are officially back in session.

The first week of classes can be an exciting time, but it can also be a dangerous time for students walking to school.

Now, Bowling Green Police are telling drivers to put their foot on the brake when nearing a school zone or pay a hefty ticket.

School's not in just yet, but drivers are still speeding through a school zone.

No one's here ticketing currently, but starting Aug. 1, the police are set to be out in full force.

"When school starts, we're going to be patrolling the school zones pretty heavy in both the morning and afternoon drive-time. It's very important to be aware in these areas," said Barry Pruitt, with the Bowling Green Police Dept.

School starts back this week and the Bowling Green Police want drivers to be aware of kids using the crosswalks.

"When school starts, we're going to have a lot of children who are walking to school, who are transported to school by bus. So it's very important for us to pay attention and watch out for those children," Pruitt said.

But speeding through school zones isn't the only problem caused by drivers on the run. Officer Pruitt said trying to pass school buses is against the law and needs to stop.

"Last year, we documented 69-complaints of people passing school buses illegally. So we're going to be out in force," he said.

It's an offense that could end up with a pricey fine. But most of all, Pruitt just wants drivers and students to stay safe.

"Let's all be really safe in school zones and let's take care of our children," Pruitt proposed.

And that means slowing down on your morning commute.

The Bowling Green Police Dept. wants to remind drivers that the Bowling Green City Schools are back in session starting Aug. 1.

Warren County students begin on Aug. 2.

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