Ambient Umbrella Tells You When It Rains

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Ambient Devices announced the Ambient Umbrella, the world’s first umbrella that alerts users when rain is expected .

The Ambient Umbrella automatically receives weather data from via Ambient’s Infocast Network. Whenever precipitation is expected in the next 12 hours, the Umbrella’s handle illuminates to suggest “today is the day to take me with you.”

“The Ambient Umbrella perfectly demonstrates Ambient’s ability to embed the intelligence of the Internet in everyday objects,” said Nicholas Negroponte (the MIT Media Lab Man), member of Ambient Devices’ Board of Directors.

Ambient Devices wants to enable lots of gadgets to use their Ambient Infocast Network, a narrowband broadcast solution. The Network reaches over 90% of U.S. households, with excellent in-building penetration in areas inaccessible to other wireless technologies.

The Ambient Infocast Network provides very long battery life, which makes it the leading embedded solution for real-time information products with always-on behavior.

The Ambient Infocast Network is similar to Microsoft's MSN Direct SPOT platform. It has been a bit quiet around that service that was pushed by the introduction of Smart watches a couple years ago. It is still alive though.

The Ambient Forecasting Umbrella has a MSRP of $125 and is available now through national retailers.

About Ambient Devices:
Ambient Devices brings Internet information to everyday products without a PC or traditional Internet connection. The Company’s technologies enable effortless access to information, such as current weather forecasts, stock market activity, sports scores, and much more – with minimal user configuration.

Ambient Devices licenses its technologies to leading consumer products companies and organizations, and develops and markets its own solutions under the Ambient Devices brand.

Ambient Devices was founded in 2001 to commercialize patent-pending technologies pioneered at the MIT Media Lab. The company is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and is privately held. For more information, please visit the Ambient Devices site.

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