Mayor and Challenger Dispute Over Downtown Redevelopment

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Lifeskills will be the new occupant of a lot on State Street and 6th Avenue. But the Downtown Redevelopment Authority claims the claims the decision to approve occupation of this site was done behind closed doors without their consent. This has upset the DRA and Mayoral candidate, Elaine Walker.

Elaine Walker says, "There are excuses, there are reasons, but if in fact, a plan is in part and can stand up to public scrutiny then it should be brought before the people."

However, Mayor Sandy Jones says there was no wrong-doing on the city's part. And she believes the argument is politically motivated.

Mayor Sandy Jones says, “I am sitting as the mayor and we have business to do and a city to run. But we also have a campaign. It's very obvious my challenger is trying to get her name out there and make waves. And she doesn't understand the full complexity of how a city runs."

The issue was such a hot topic for members of the DRA a special meeting of the board was called today.