U.N. Sends More Peacekeepers to Darfur

World leaders are applauding the United Nations' resolution to send up to 26,000 peacekeepers into Sudan to stop the violence in Darfur .

The operation will be made up of military and police forces from the African Union and the U.N.

Government-backed Arab militias are accused of carrying out ethnic cleansing in the region.

An estimated two-million Sudanese have fled the violence. Reports are at least 200,000 Sudanese were killed.

"We're clearly delighted that this resolution has been passed, late it certainly is, but at least it's been passed," said Alexander Downer, Australian Foreign Affairs Minister.

"This is the world coming together to say that we have a plan now, that we expect the authorities in Sudan to act, we will not tolerate further inaction and the violence has got to stop now," added Gordon Brown, UK Prime Minister.

The US is threatening to impose sanctions against Sudan if the government puts up resistance.

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