Crime Stoppers: Convenience Store Robbery

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Bowling Green Police are investigating a daring, daylight robbery of a local convenience store in the Aug. 1 edition of "Crime Stoppers."

Viewers can see superb pictures of the robbery suspect caught on surveillance.

Bowling Green Police are investigating the robbery of a local convenience store. At around 4:55 p.m. on July 21, the Bristow Junior Foods Store in the 5200 block of Louisville Rd was robbed.

A black male wearing a white bandanna over his face entered the store and approached the cash register.

He handed the clerk a note demanding money then left on foot with a small amount of cash.

A witness said the suspect went down Bristow Rd. and across a field.

The robber is described as a black male in his mid-twenties, wearing a red shirt, black pants and a brown cap.

If you know anything about this robbery, please call "Crime Stoppers" at 781-CLUE or click here.

You could get up to $1,000 for your tip.

You don't have to give your name to leave your information.

Remember, "Crime Stoppers" calls are not recorded and they do not use caller i.d.

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