Kindergartner's First Day

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It was the first day of school for Bowling Green City Schools and for Kindergartners, it was the first day ever.

We popped in on Ms. Price's class at Potter Gray today to see how they were fairing on such an important day.

Ms. Price says the first day of school is always her favorite.

"I love Kindergarten, " she said.

And so do her students.

Reagan Fields said she was so excited about the first day she picked out her own outfit.

"They were in my closet, then I brushed my teeth," Reagan admitted.

Reagan said she got up extra early.

"I didn't eat nothing for breakfast. I walked here because my home is close to here!" she exclaimed.

So, Reagan was starving by lunch and ready to share her "All About Me Bag" in front of the whole class.

"We had them bring three special things from their house to tell a little about themselves," Ms. Price said.

"This is Web-kitten. I play with her. He can log in on the computer," Reagan said as she explained her belongings.

Reagan's friend "Hopper" had a little chat with us during our interview as well.

"She says I like you!" Reagan assured.

All the excitement of the first day of school has this bunch tired, but not for long.

"Bye thanks for coming!"

And with that, they'll be ready for their second day of Kindergarten.

The 1998-1999 school year was the first year a full school day was implemented for Kindergartners.

Before, Kindergarten was in session for three and a half hours a day.

The move was prompted by the Bowling Green and Warren County School Boards to help ease the transition from Kindergarten to first grade.

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