Medical Center Steps Up Service

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The Medical Center at Franklin is bringing its service up to speed. Wednesday’s ribbon cutting ceremony signaled the opening of a 12,000-sq. ft. expansion.

The ribbon's been cut, and residents are waiting in line to catch a first glimpse at the Medical Center's newly unveiled patient care wing in Franklin.

"The medical center has invested over $5 million dollars to bring you this facility, so it's a major celebration for us," said Steve Thurmond, Executive Director of the Franklin/Simpson Chamber of Commerce.

But for city residents, the cause for celebration is the convenience the new expansion brings. With more space at the Medical Center, Franklin patients can be treated in town without making the trip to Bowling Green.

"It will absolutely be a major convenience. Twenty-one miles is not far away and we're glad they're there for critical care, but these people at the Franklin Medical Center offer quality care to the community," Thurmond said.

"We've brought in a lot of specialists here on campus so it's just going to enhance what they've been doing and keep people at home," added Clara Sumner, Chief Executive Officer at the Medical Center in Franklin.

The hospital staff says the 25 new rooms are a touch of home with state of the art equipment. But it's specifically designed to keep track of each individual patient.

"From the time this medical facility was introduced in Franklin, it's just continued to improve. This is the culmination of a lot of work," explained Thurmond.

Sumner added, "Commonwealth Health acquired this hospital in 2000 and we said at that time that we wouldn't just survive, we would thrive. And I think that's what we've done today."

And the work's done just in time. The first 15 patients are already being treated in the new facility. With the new patient care wing up-and-running, the Medical Care Center at Franklin will now focus it's efforts on renovation the previous inpatient wing.

Upgrades will include the replacement of electrical and emergency equipment.

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