Beating the Heat

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This week, temperatures are in the 90s and it's only getting hotter, which makes being outside for long periods of time very dangerous.

So people who must be outside in these extremely hot conditions find ways to stay cool.

Warren-Central football players are taking a brutal beating, not just from each other, but also from the hot weather.

With 90-plus temperatures in the forecast, the chance of dehydration skyrockets for these young athletes and adds to the job of their coaches.

Coach Bill Cox said his team finds ways to adapt to the extreme heat.

"We're constantly staying on top with our heat index to make sure that we're staying under. When we came on the practice field, we were in the zone that said "no helmet and pads" so we did the first bit of practice without helmets and shoulder pads," Cox said.

Everyone knows that the game of football is about X's and O's, but when it comes to practicing in extremely dangerous heat, it becomes more about H2O.

"A lot of the older guys, we have gallon jugs drinking them and the freshman come in following suit. A lot of younger guys think it's really hot, but you got do it every year if you want to do this. It's part of the game," explained Greg Steward, Senior Offensive Lineman.

"We go for no more than 20-minutes at a time and we usually water them between five and ten minutes," Coach Cox said.

Players are also allowed at anytime during practice to leave to get water to avoid dehydration.

Senior Running Back Tevin Boards admits in the heat of battle, it can be hard to remember to stay hydrated.

"It's hard cause sometimes you just want to keep pushing because you're thinking about where you want to get this season," Boards said.

However, Boards and his teammates say they'll continue to give 100-percent on the field, despite sizzling temperatures.

Coach Cox said he'll call off practice on days when the temperatures reach the "danger" category.

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