Warren County Files for Disaster Relief

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The county is filing a $1.4 million request after the storms left 25,000 homes without power and downed trees and power lines. Western Kentucky University was hit hard in several spots on campus.

Doug Ault is the Director of Facilities Management at WKU. He says, "Dollar-wise we're just compiling everything. We know we spent a lot of money on labor. One of our biggest things was that we lost (over two weeks) two dozen trees. And most of these are big old trees, and it's taken a lot of time just to clean that up. Just to cut up the trees and get the branches disposed of. So I would guess labor is our biggest expense."

Warren County Emergency Management asked for estimates of damages to be turned in by Friday. Richardsville Elementary was also hit particularly hard. They've requested $94,000 for disaster relief.

Anthony Eakles is with Emergency Management. He says, "Ceilings. We've had three floors damaged from ceiling tile. And it's all going to have to be replaced. It takes up more of the time and mess. Overall, we've got 14 repairs in 16 rooms."

Warren County Parks has estimated $28,300 and Warren County Road Department estimates $51,159 worth of damage.

Both utilities companies that cover Warren County, Warren RECC and Bowling Green Municipal Utilities estimated about $600,000 each in expenses.