Area Elementary School "Soaring to New Heights"

Warren County schools are back in session this as of Aug. 2, 2007, and at least one elementary school got off to a very “uplifting” start.

“Soaring to New Heights” is the theme this year at Warren Elementary and what better way to illustrate that theme than with a hot air balloon.

Ten lucky kids had the opportunity to take a tethered ride in U.S. Bank’s hot air balloon. The balloon pilot also told students how his experience of flying the balloon directly relates to being a high achiever in school.

“We want our kids to know we care about them and we are excited about school. We want to soar to new heights and want the kids to be just as excited,” Warren Elementary Principal Phillip Shelton said.

Warren Elementary is also planning a school-wide balloon launch at 1 pm on August 2. Each balloon will contain the name of a student and the school address.
The person receiving a card back from the longest distance will get a prize.

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