Consumer Alert-Dangerous Tires From China

Attorney General Greg Stumbo warns consumers about dangerous tires from China .

The tires were sold from 2002 to 2006.

They were for light trucks, sport utility vehicles and vans.

The distributor of the suspect tires is Foreign Tire Sales Inc.

The company recently filed a report with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that at least 270,000 tires are missing "gum strips," an important component needed to prevent tread separation.

More than 3000 tires are believed to been sold in Kentucky.

Specific tire numbers and sizes affected by this inquiry are as follows:

  • LT235/75R-15 CR861 CR857

  • LT245/75R-16 CR860 CR861 CR857

  • LT225/75R-16 CR861

  • LT265/75R-16 CR860 CR861 CR857

  • LT235/85R-16 CR860 CR861 CR857

  • LT31X10.5R-15 CR861 CR857
  • To view the entire press release from Attorney General Greg Stumbo, click here.
    To read about additional tire safety information, click here.

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