Ky. Man Survives Minneapolis Bridge Collapse

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The search continued this weekend for for bodies and sunken cars in the Mississippi River.

It's a story that gripped the nation. The Minneapolis Bridge broke apart, killing five people.

Several more are still missing and hundreds are injured.

Investigators were on the scene all weekend using high-tech equipment to figure out why it collapsed and continuing to search the waters.

A memorial service was also held on Aug. 5 for the five people who died.

But among those that did survive was an eastern Kentucky man.

A business trip to Minneapolis took a tragic turn for Brian Sturgill.

"Suddenly the car's nose was going straight down and I was just holding on as I was going down. It seemed like it was something out of a movie," Sturgill explained about his experience.

Photographs online show the area where Sturgill's car plummeted into the river.

Sturgill's car, halfway under water, he was trapped.

"My first instinct was to get out of the car, then I tried my door and I couldn't get out," Sturgill said.

Then he went into survival mode. He got out of his car and started helping others.

"My first instinct was to panic, and you always here that's the worst thing you can do. I knew I just needed to keep making decisions," he added.

A photo on the front page of the Chicago Sun is a grim reminder of what could've happened to Brian and many others.

"In the car, I questioned if I'd survive. I was really fortunate. I felt like my Heavenly father was looking out for us," Sturgill admitted.

Amazingly, he only injured his back a little.

Meanwhile, as a result of the tragedy, Governor Fletcher says Kentucky Transportation Cabinet officials are visiting bridges across the state.

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