Trash to Treasure

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It's said that one man's trash is another man's treasure. That was the
basic idea behind the Aug. 5 "Trash to Treasure" event in Bowling Green.

Local residents and churches did some late spring cleaning to contribute to the cause and on Aug. 6, you'll be able to see what a few local artists were able to make.

It's Sunday afternoon, and you won't find any fresh baked pastries being served at Bread and Bagels. But you might just find a work of art in progress.

"We are making some art as a community today, out of trash in order to not use new resources to make art out of," said Bonny McDonald, Trash to Treasure organizer.

It's an event created by the B.G. Green, a local environmental organization. And starting Monday, that modern art goes on sale.

"We hope to create art out of junk to raise money for the next addition of the B.G. Green Zine, which is a magazine that addresses the sustainability and environmental movement in Bowling Green," McDonald explained.

"Anything would be a contribution and a gift back into the community of Bowling Green and that's all we care about is that it goes back into the community," said Kimberly Malone Weiskircher, Bread and Bagels owner.

But even if you missed your chance to sculpt, paint and mold with the B.G. Green this time, Bread and Bagels is ready to host the event again.

"My husband and I already decided that if this needed to be a monthly event, we would love to give our building to the event," Weiskircher said.

To buy some of the artwork you just saw in this story, you can stop by Bread and Bagels on Monday evening, Aug. 6, from 5:30- 9 p.m.

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