Esh Family Killed in Crash has a History with Tragedies

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We know the tractor-trailer driver who was killed was coming from Alabama.

All of the victims plus the two survivors were with the Esh family from Marrowbone in Cumberland County.

The family has had a history of tragedy. Neighbors say it was one crisis after another, but they never lost faith.

WBKO's Rachel Collier went to the small town where the community is grieving the loss.

"We'll all be together again..."

Members of the Esh family can be heard singing on a Youtube video, called "Home by the Eshes."

Two daughters killed in the crash, Rachel, on the left, and Anna are pictured to the right.

They sing about their faith, and that's something their neighbor, James Garmon says was the strongest thing about them.

"They could... you could feel their presence... there was just something about them. Nothing got them down.You know, they had so much faith, they were just good people. And I feel like I was blessed to have as neighbors," said Garmon.

Six members of the family died in the crash today, 2 children survived. Two friends traveling in the crash, Ashley Kramer, and Joel Gingrich also died.

But their tragedy goes back 4 years, when they lost their son in a snowmobile accident.

And you can still see the rubble when 3 months ago their house burned down.

Garmon says they still never lost hope.

"I can remember back when we first moved here they had a horse... And i don't guess they'd been here two weeks and the horse got out and got runover you know and it seems like every time they'd come back up, something would happen. But they never did give up. They never did lose spirit or faith and never got down and out about it, they just kept moving on."

And the words they sing... we'll all be together again, seem uncanny on this tragic day.

The grandchild who was killed was two months old, and had only been with the family for two weeks.

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