Jimmie Radford Trial Declared Mistrial

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Jimmie Radford was arrested and charged in 2002 for 113 charges of theft by failure to make required disposition and 61 counts forgery. All the counts involved money he was accused of stealing from the Cumberland County School system. The current superintendent of Cumberland County Schools, John Hurt, says the school system has worked closely with Kentucky State Police in this investigation.

In a statement given to WBKO, he says their job is to educate the children- not investigate teachers. He goes on to say, "It's been tough, having it [Radford's trial] hanging over our heads." He concluded by saying, "I have confidence in the judicial system. I'm sure justice will be served."

But justice will not be served in this trial, at least not yet.

Judge Eddie Loveless, "This court was informed and has heard testimony from Angela Burchett as a witness in this particular case. Angela Burchett testified that she was contacted by Sherry Radford, the sister-in-law to this defendant."

Burchett told the judge Sherry Radford asked her if she had caller I.D. She also asked her if she was contacted by the Commonwealth Attorney she should only with yes or no, and not to elaborate. Sherry Radford also told Burchett she was asked to make the call by the defendant, Jimmie Radford. Two others also testified to Judge Loveless with similar statements.

"There are laws that relate to intimidation of witnesses in contacting any witnesses in any criminal case. I want this matter fully investigated by Kentucky State Police, the sheriff's department or any agency."

Judge Loveless apologized to the witnesses for the mistrial and ended by saying... "There's a cloud, and a very dark and ominous cloud, hanging over these proceedings. It is a dark day in Cumberland COunty or any county in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

The judge scheduled a pretrial conference for the Commonwealth vs. Radford for August 19, 1004.