Adventures in Kentucky: Lake Barkley

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On the last edition of "Adventures in Kentucky," Brandon Lokits took us to Cave City for a ride on the Alpine Slide.

On this Aug. 6 installment, Brandon takes us on a more leisurely adventure to a Kentucky state resort park.

Not every adventure has to be conquered at top speed or with high adrenaline. Sometimes, it's nice to explore something new and relaxing. We were able to do this by visiting Lake Barkley State Resort Park.

"Kentucky parks are different than other state parks just because we really go into it with really a full-bore fashion. We have more resorts in Kentucky than any other state. Lake Barkley, for the simple fact that it's the largest park, stands out. But I also think it's the most beautiful and most comprehensive. We have an airport, campground, beach, state of the art fitness center, marina, golf course--anything that a family would want to do, we have it here and it's all within this one campus," explained John Rittenhouse, Lake Barkley Park Manager.

The park has tons to do. If you are into hiking or mountainbiking there are miles of trails to conquer, but if you are looking for a relaxing stroll, they have paved walkways right along beautiful Lake Barkley.

During the trip, I ran into a few South-Central Kentucky residents who were also enjoying the park.

"We like the trails. This morning we hit the trails for a few hours, came here to grab some lunch and sat out on the porch. It's really nice and, of course, you've got the lake in the background," said park visitors Gary and Kelli Templeman.

No trip to Lake Barkley State Resort Park would be complete without visiting Lake Barkley.

The park has several different types of boats that are available for rent. Their fleet consists of a variety of new boats ranging from bass fishing boats to pontoons and if you don't feel comfortable renting a boat, they also have sunrise and sunset guided boat tours.

Next week, we'll tour the park. We'll see inside the rooms, check out their award-winning restaurant and see what they have for the kids.

To find more about Lake Barkley or any other Kentucky state park log onto Parks.Ky.Gov.

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