9 Weather Safe Shelters in Barren County

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Barren County-

There are now 9 locations in Barren County that are available for people to seek shelter from tornadoes and severe storms.

The new tornado safe rooms are located at

• 6200 Old Bowling Green Road in the Beckton Community by the Volunteer Fire Dept.;

• 761 Hollis Thomas Road by the East Barren Volunteer Dept.;

• 197 Steam Mill Road in the Red Cross community by the South Barren Volunteer Fire Dept.’s main station;

• 67 Matthews Mill Road in the Haywood community by the Haywood Volunteer Fire Dept.;

• 7694 Roseville Road by the Temple Hill Volunteer Fire Dept.’s substation;
• 728 Tick Ridge Road by the Hiseville Volunteer Fire Dept.’s substation;

• 24408 Louisville Road in Park City (two rooms);

• 111 Reynolds St. at Doyle Park in Cave City; and

• 405 Wall Street in Cave City.

The 613 square feet safe rooms are single use, all steel, above ground and stand-alone structures that can house up to 100 people each.

Including room for 4 people in wheelchairs.

Barren County officials say they are to be used only as shelters from severe weather.

The target populations they are intended to protect are people who live in homes that are not brick and those that do not have basements within 1/2 mile radius from the shelter in their community.

Exceptions to the distance due to density of population are Roseville Road which is 1 mile, Park City and Doyle Park which is 1/3 mile and the Wall St. Cave City site which is 2/10 mile radius.

Funding for safe room construction came from FEMA Hazard Mitigation grants through the Kentucky Division of Emergency Management.

Federal funds accounted for 75% of the cost. State funds provided for 12% with the remaining 13% coming from local government funding.

Volunteer management teams have been put in place for each safe room. They are responsible for opening and closing the rooms when severe weather is imminent, protecting sheltered people and maintaining the building and supplies.

One door to each safe room has an electronic lock which will open the door in response a signal from an indoor informer located inside the room. Informers may be activated when the outdoor warning sirens sound or alone. They may also be opened manually by a member of the management team.

Once inside the building, everyone will be required to sign and date a registration form and provide their home address. There is a first aid kit in each room to take care of minor injuries. If someone is on prescription medication, they should bring it with them in the original container.

Safe Room Rules: To maximize occupancy and provide protection to the most occupants, and maintain safety and hygiene the following are prohibited or restricted from the safe room:

a. PROHIBITED ITEMS: pets; personal property except for one purse or carry bag; all weapons except for a small pocket knife; all alcoholic beverages; all controlled substances and/or medication not in its original prescription container.
b. PROHIBITED BEHAVIOR: use of tobacco in any form; profane or vulgar language or behavior; disrespectful or disruptive behavior; any threatening or menacing behavior; any theft or damage of property. The safe room manager reserves the right to deny entry and/or summon law enforcement for any person whose behavior or demeanor presents a danger to themselves or others at any time.

The public is invited to a ribbon cutting at the Haywood Volunteer Fire Dept. at 10 AM on Wednesday, April 17.

There will be separate ribbon cuttings for the safe rooms located at Park City and Cave City. The public will be notified of the time and date of those when available.

County officials are pleased to make these rooms available for the protection of its residents and hope people will not hesitate to use them when necessary.

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