Staying Safe From "Hot Spot" Hackers

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Laptop users beware. Wi-Fi "hot spots" that let you hop on the Internet wherever you travel may also leave you wide open to hackers. But for some there's a resolution.

T-Mobile is one of the largest providers of Wi-Fi hot spots in coffee shops, bookstores and airports. And hackers are easily using these places to make innocent web users victims.

Wi-Fi eavesdropping has been a security concern for some time. And at places like Starbucks, a T-Mobile Wi-Fi provider, any eavesdropper can sit up to 100-ft. away and monitor what you do on the Net.

But, one local Wi-Fi user we met hasn't been fazed by Wi-Fi hackers.

"I guess I've never really thought about it. It's never happened to me or anyone else close to me. So I've never been concerned about my security," said Russell Bryan, who often uses the Wi-Fi connection at the Starbucks in Bowling Green.

And luckily for Russell, T-Mobile has found a way for you to stay hacker-safe.

The company has created free downloadable software available for any T-Mobile Wi-Fi user, something Russell says he may look into.

For information on the software and where you can find it to download, click here.

AT&T also offers security tips for wireless users. You can find those here.