National Night Out

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Americans all across the country came together on Aug. 7 as part of the National Night Out event, in an effort to prevent crime .

The event encourages neighbors to get out of the house and just get to know each other.

Several Bowling Green neighborhoods took part in the event

What's does the block party in the Saint Joseph's district mean for longtime resident Wendy Cherry?

"Meeting our neighbors. Getting to know one another," she explained.

The smiles and camaraderie is something that Cherry looks forward to every single year.

"It's wonderful to see everybody out having a good time, not having to worry about anything tonight," she added.

Even the triple-digit temperatures isn't enough to ruin this party.

"The heat's not a problem tonight. We're having too much fun," Cherry admitted.

The event, which Cherry said started with about 25 people, now has close to 100-people joining in of all different colors and ages.

"I like it here because you can dance and it's nice to make friends. Its nice to see everybody and no body's dead or in trouble but having fun, enjoying each other as neighbors," Cherry said.

Wilhelmina Butts, who has lived in the neighborhood most of her 77-years said despite having problems in the past, the West side District is a family.

"I think if it really got to be trouble out here, the people would come together. But it's mostly peaceable. Events like this, people learn from each other and what to expect from each other. The ones who don't belong in the neighborhood, we know who they are too," Butts explained.

Cherry believes the friendships that are made in one night will last in their neighborhood forever.

Many of the National Night Out events feature music, games, prizes and more.

The program is put on locally by the Neighborhood Action Office.

To learn more about National Night Out, click here.

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