Citizens Speak Out On Smoking Ban

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The Bowling Green City Commission finally got a chance to discuss a possible smoking ban in public establishments on Aug. 7

During the work session, a group working to get the smoke ban passed gave a short presentation to the commission on why smoke-free is the way to go.

After the presentation, citizens were allowed to speak out on the issue.

It was a decidedly smoke-free crowd as a majority of the room was dressed in blue shirts that read "Smoke-Free Community."

Still members from both sides were on hand to support or oppose the proposed ban.

"We want to make sure that our commissioners realize that this is what the people of Bowling Green want," said Sharon Harse, who supports the smoking ban.

"I'm just going to express the fact that this is the individuals decision whether they should offer smoking to their customers or not," said John Morrison, who opposes the smoking ban.

Author of the ordinance, Commissioner Brian "Slim" Nash told the crowd he chose to write this legislation because of the involuntary health risks secondhand smoke causes.

Mayor Elaine Walker then gave a speech expressing her support for the ordinance.

Commissioner Brian Strow said he won't vote for this particular ordinance, but would agree to a similar ban that covers all public property.

The commission will take its first vote on the item at its next meeting.

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