Heat Damages Cars and Roadways

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There's no doubt about it. It's hot outside.

With temperatures and the heat-index hitting triple-digits, not only are you feeling the effects, but so are your cars and the roadways.

With the high-temperatures we've seen lately, heat is on a lot of peoples minds, especially those out in it.

People like Terry Purdue try to withstand the heat, while laying asphalt for road construction.

"The asphalt coming from the plant is generally 320-degrees. The asphalt needs to cool down to a certain temperature before they can get on it with a finish roller," Purdue explained.

Not only does the heat make it difficult to work on these new roads, but the roads already in place can be affected, causing some wear and tear.

"It probably expands some because with the heat it's going to get a little bit softer," Purdue said.

The high-temperatures can even damage things in your car.

"I left a camera in it and it ruined. I left my GPS in my car and it ruined as well. Anything electronic like that will overheat and ruin," explained Jerry Haley, owner of Haley's Auto Service.

Haley is all too familiar with cars and heat.

"Right now probably 90-percent of our work is heat related," Haley explained.

Haley's laser thermometer registered a car's hood at 155-degrees and windshield at 133-degrees. The dashboard was a scorching

At this time of year, he sees a lot of cars that need to be fixed, many from heat-related problems to that occur when it gets this hot outside.

"We fix water pumps, air-conditioners going out, mirrors falling off," Haley said.

Meaning this hot weather isn't only affecting you, it's affecting everything from the roadways to your cars.

"Heat's the worst enemy a car could have," Haley admitted.

He said the reason cars can get so hot on the inside has a lot to do with some car dashboards being dark. This creates more heat.

Haley mentioned as a reminder, if you're going to leave items in your car with this heat, check to make sure what temperature the items can withstand, so that they aren't ruined from the hot weather.

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