Advanced Training Keeps Officers Grounded

Police departments across the state send their officers to hours of in-service training every year, but most of that training is out of town. This week, things are different for the Bowling Green Police, the Warren County Sheriff's Office and WKU's Police Department as they send their officers for advanced pistol training right here in Bowling Green.

Only the most skilled shooters are put through an intense course like this. Officers say it's a survival type course with a fast pace and quick shooting with emphasis on accuracy, distance and unusual shooting positions.

Officers and deputies are put through just about every imaginable test during this week of training. The moves aren't easy, but they say the situations they're faced with every day aren't easy either.

After a week of training, officers put their skills to the test on Thursday afternoon. To pass the advanced pistol course, they were required to have 80 percent proficiency in their final round.

Officers say they owe a big thank you to the Louisville Police Department for sending a certified trainer to teach the course for the week. They also say it was because of cooperation on the part Louisville Police, Bowling Green Police and the Sheriff's Office that this training was made possible.