Get Your Fluid Intake During Heat

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We're all feeling the heat, but maybe not as much as some people, like Franklin Bozman, who works outdoors.

"We're framing houses in I guess 100-degree weather," Bozman said.

Franklin said it's important to stay hydrated in the hot sun.

"We drink plenty of fluids. Gatorade and water does us pretty good," Bozman explained.

But is drinking too much water or drinking an energy drink on a hot day bad for your health?

We spoke to a doctor from the Medical Center in Bowling Green to find out.

"Basic water is absolutely the best," said Charles Benneyworth, a doctor from the Medical Center said.

Dr. Benneyworth said drinking too much water and becoming overhydrated is rare for most people.

The bigger problem he sees is people not getting enough water.

"You may be thinking you're drinking plenty of fluids but still get a little mentally confused and feel a little sluggish, and next thing you know you might have a episode or be passing out," Benneyworth continued.

And what about drinking caffeine drinks to help boost your energy?

We tested out a regular energy drink ourselves to see how much of an affect it had on my heart rate.

Although it did shoot up past 100, it quickly dropped.

For someone used to caffeine, the energy drink didn't have that much of an affect on me.

In fact, it's recommended if you're going to be in the sun and need energy, you should avoid caffeine products.

"A lot of caffeine consumption disguised in some boosts or energy drinks are really causing actually more reverse dehydration," Benneyworth explained..

That's why Franklin sticks to water while outside and makes sure to stay hydrated.

"I've been drinking plenty of fluids. I feel like I'm walking around with an extra belly," Bozman said.

Dr. Benneyworth recommended that if you are going to be outside in the hot weather, drink at least 16-ounces of water every 60 to 90-minutes.

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