Baby Found Locked In a Hot Car

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A local community is in shock after a baby is found in a locked car at a Glasgow Wal-Mart.

A seven-month-old girl was found alone in a van around 1 p.m. on Aug. 9.

The child was taken to T.J. Sampson and released that evening.

Luckily, the situation didn't turn fatal this time but could it happen again?

Crying drew to Glasgow girls to look inside the van parked next to them at the Glasgow Wal-Mart.

They were stunned to see the child alone, in the car.

"Thank goodness we had a call from some that were getting in their car and heard the baby crying next to their car," said Officer Howard Garrison, from the Glasgow Police Dept.

What's more shocking is that the windows were up despite the extremely hot temperatures.

"The windows were all closed but the passenger door and the driver doors. They were opened approximately a half-inch on each side," Garrison said.

The sun was baking and steam was rising from the ground.

According to Glasgow police, the defenseless child was in the hot car while the girl's mother was inside the store shopping.

"It's dangerous enough to stand in the parking lot. The actual temperature at that time was 99-degrees. It felt like 112-degrees. So you can imagine inside a car, it could have easily been 115 or 120," Garrison added.

According to, babies have a greater chance of having a heat stroke because they don't lose heat as quickly and they don't sweat as effectively.

Heat stroke among babies could happen within a few minutes.

Officer Howard Garrison said he doesn't understand why someone would do something like this, but he's glad there were people around to help save this baby's life.

Officer Garrison said the woman, whose name is not being released at this time, was arrested in the Wal-Mart and is currently lodged in the Barren County Correctional Facility.

He said the mother was emotional and appeared to be remorseful for leaving her baby in the hot van.

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