Glasgow Woman in Court After Leaving Baby in Hot Car

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A Glasgow woman who left her baby inside a car in the hot weather appears in court.

Twenty-eight-year-old Jennifer Roach was in Barren County District Court on Aug. 10, 2007.

She was arrested Aug. 9 for leaving her seven-month-old baby inside her car alone.

Roach was inside the Glasgow Wal-Mart with an older child.

An attorney was appointed to Roach, who will appear back in court at 3 p.m. on Aug. 13 in a probable cause hearing.

Roach's bond is set at $2500 or approved surety.

Criminal abuse is a Class D Felony, and Roach could face one to five-years in jail.

Remarkably, the baby in this incident did survive the high heat with a little help from two Glasgow teens.

We talked to the person responsible for the 911 call to save this child.

For 19-year-old Brooke London and her friend Leslie Barnes, that Thursday was intended to be a normal day.

"It was just a horrible, horrible day," said Brooke London, one of the girls who found the baby.

They were leaving Wal-Mart to get into their car when they heard something they didn't expect.

"She heard a baby crying. It didn't register and I was about to sit down and she said, 'Brooke, there's a baby crying," London said.

The two girls looked inside the van parked next to them to find a baby in the back.

"The windows were only cracked a 1/2 inch and the doors were locked," London explained..

The girls quickly reacted.

"The first thing I thought was to call 911 and they were here as soon as possible. Her little cheeks were just red and she stopped crying which was when we were waiting for the policeman, and that's what scared Leslie and I," London said.

Medical officials say there's no excuse for leaving a child in a hot car, even if you're going to be away for just a few minutes.

"Children do not have the same ability to adjust to temperature change as adults, so they get hotter much faster than you and I. Cracking windows doesn't help at all to relieve the temperature. They just need to be taken out of the vehicle when you leave the vehicle," said Michael Stanley, a T.J. Samson Physician's Assistant.

And leaving anything like a child or a pet in cars during this hot weather can be very dangerous.

"They can pass out and die very quickly," Stanley said.

In this situation it didn't turn deadly, but it could have had a different result had it not been for the girls that dialed 911.

"Probably another 15 to 20-minutes and the child would have had an injury. It was very lucky," Stanley explained.

"Don't leave things. Just think about it. It's serious. This is dangerous weather," London added.

We did attempt to contact both Jennifer Roach and her husband for an on-camera interview but were told they did not want to speak at this time.

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