Freshmen Get a New Start at a New School

Barren County freshmen started their first day of school on Aug. 10. as the first students ever to walk through the new Trojan Academy, the school designed for ninth-graders only.

The school is an $11-million state of the art facility built to help students transition from middle school to high school.

Studies show throughout the U.S., freshmen have always had trouble transitioning to high school.

The classrooms will be smaller than what most high school's have at about 20-students per room.

"We're all here together and even though the teams are switching, you still get to see your friends and you're not thrown into everybody at the high school and you don't see anybody you know," said Freshman Cameron Lile.

Lile said because she was still taking classes with her friends, her first day of high school was less intimidating.

She added that most of her day is spent at the academy but her last couple of classes are at the high school.

The Trojan Academy is connected to Barren County Middle School and Barren County High School.

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