Protecting Our Children: Stranger Danger

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With all the recent child abductions the phrase, "don't talk to strangers," may come to mind.

Sometimes parents may forget how important that advice may be for their children. As WBKO, Hometown Partners, Greenview Regional Hospital, and Leachman Buick GMC finish the series Protecting Our Children with our last segment on stranger danger.

Officer Penny Bowles is talking with some four-year-olds about stranger danger. It's a catchy phrase Bowling Green Police are using to teach children about strangers.

Bowles says children need to learn whom they can turn to for help and should know the difference between a good stranger and a bad stranger. She says parents need to teach children to memorize their parents’ names, home address, and phone number.

Bowles final tip is to teach children to be wary when a stranger asks for assistance. Bowles hopes these tips will keep children out of danger when it comes to a stranger.