Feud Over Paint Job At New WalMart

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The new WalMart is supposed to open in October, but WBKO has learned there's animosity between two of the work crews. Alvarez painting out of Lexington was contracted to do the painting. T.D. Farrell construction company was also hired. Stacy Alvarez says the construction crew leader wanted another company to do the painting and he's made it difficult for the painters to complete their jobs.

Stacy Alvarez says, "He started harassing our employees. One day it got so bad that he asked our employees for their documentation, which is illegal."

Alvarez called the Bowling Green Police Department because there was so much friction. The police ruled it a civil matter and not a police issue.

T.D. Farrell construction company declined to comment when WBKO asked them their side of the story.

There's no word yet on how much of a delay, if any, this will cause for the opening of WalMart. However, Alvarez says the vice president of the contracting company is reviewing the situation.