Corvettes Come Home

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It's a homecoming to remember.

Hundreds of Corvettes came riding into Bowling Green on Aug. 11, returning to the city where they were originally manufactured.

The National Corvette Homecoming is in its 26th year and the event has made the Western Kentucky University Ag Expo Center its home.

Many were out at the event who are driven by their love of cars.

Betsy Reese has been making her Corvette's engine purr for the past two years.

"Did you read the license plate on the back? It's '1-BAD-1'. But I've only gotten one speeding ticket, okay?" Reese assured.

She's revving it among hundreds of other Corvettes though Betsy insists hers is one a kind.

"There's no other like it. Although there are some boys down in Florida that say they're going to make a blue one, and I said, 'Nope, that's mine!'" Reese exclaimed.

Like Betsy, these owners have spent hours cleaning, oiling and waxing their cars for the 26th annual Corvette Homecoming.

"It's a labor of love, or stupidity--one or the other. I think it's more a labor of love," Reese admitted.

Some owners love their cars so much that money couldn't buy their Corvette. But some will go for $50,000.

And whether the hundreds are here to buy, sell or just gawk, everyone seems to agree that Corvettes are sleek and stylish sports cars.

"It's sort of like Superman putting his cape on. You stop at a light and if you're in one of these cars, you know people are looking," said Joe Pruitt, a Corvette enthusiast.

But there's something different about the homecoming this year.

This national gathering has gone international.

And now, visitors from Canada are receiving a warm welcome from both the Kentucky heat and from an enthusiastic group of Corvette lovers.

"It takes me 30-minutes to walk from one end of this place to the other because we're talking to people," Pruitt said.

"More than anything, it's fun. If you ask me right now if you can drive this car I'll give you the keys. And that's what it's about to me, just enjoying the sport," Reese added.

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