Water Shortage Warning Continues For Warren County

Officials continue to warn Warren County residents that a water shortage warning has been issued.

The warning includes the city of Bowling Green and the surrounding communities served by Bowling Green Municipal Utilities and the Warren County Water District.

Flow in the Barren River, which is the county's water supply source, has remained low to severely low for the past five-months.

It is currently at the lowest levels on record since the completion of the Barren River Reservoir in 1963.

This could result in a shortage of potable water.

Citizens are being urged to reduce water use at this time.

BGMU says addresses ending with an odd number can use excess water on Tuesday's, Thursday's and Saturday's.

Addresses ending with an even number are allowed to use extra water on Wednesday's, Friday's and Sunday's.

No one is allowed to use excess water on Monday's.

A water shortage watch also remains in effect for most of the counties in our area.

For more information on the water shortage watch, click here.

To view a press release concerning the water shortage warning for Warren County, click here.

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