Fort Campbell Baby Boom

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One year after the 101st Airborne in Fort Campbell returned from a tour in Iraq, Blanchfield Army Hospital has seen an amazing jump of expectant mothers.

Between May of 2007 and next March, 2,000 babies will be born at the base.

We talked to folks at the base about the growing post.

There's a different kind of boom being heard on Fort Campbell's military base.

It's a baby boom.

It started back in May and since then, June and July have both had over 200 births. August seems on pace for that same number and it's expected to last through next March.

Staff Sergeant Melissa Cabrera is not only an OBGYN for Blanchfield Army Hospital, she's also expecting her second baby in November.

"It's weird because it's kind of a shocker since not only here in the hospital but in the immediate area, you can't go anywhere without seeing big bellies," Cabrera said.

Twenty-one-year-old Sophia Demaris-Harris is just hours away from greeting baby Jayden into the world and she enjoys being one of many soon-to-be mothers.

"I feel like I haven't been alone because of that. I think it's better because there's so many other pregnant women. I'm not the only one going in and out," Harris explained.

Nurse Samantha Brand said while the surge in birth's brings joy to these families, next month's deployments make the moments bittersweet.

"They know they're going to be leaving shortly after the birth," Brand added.

"My husband should be deploying next month and the baby's due in November, so he won't be here for the birth," Cabrera said.

As Harris listens to her unborn baby's heartbeat, she already has plans for her when they get to go home.

"Probably take her home and try to go to sleep," Harris admitted.

With most of the 101st deploying for a fifteen-month tour in September, hospital officials are already looking ahead to another baby boom in 2009.

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