Creepy Crawlies Run for Cover

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The extreme heat sends some unwelcomed guests into your home.

The record high temperatures over the last several weeks have everyone and everything seeking relief indoors - that includes the creepiest of creatures.

“I hate bugs. I don’t like spiders, I don’t like ants and I’ve been having an infestation of them,” Christina Richardson explained.

Richardson just moved in and her house warming involved a family of ants and eight legged friends.

“They were huge spiders. If it has more than two legs it doesn’t belong in my home,” Richardson remarked.

So she is staying out of her house because the bugs are going in.

“The bugs are trying to come in - I don’t know to cool off maybe,” Richardson said.

The heat is causing the insects and spiders to head for the hills or in this case, your house.

“They are thirsty, they are thirsty just like we are,” David Dennis said. “The ground beetle is probably the number one invader of the home.”

Dennis is a pest control technician and said the business is booming because the heat is causing the insects, spiders and rodents to look for moisture and food indoors.

Dennis said the best way you can keep those creepy crawlies from coming inside your home is to calk and seal.

“We recommend that homeowners cut their bushes about 20 to 24 inches away from a home,” Dennis explained, but he wasn’t always so brave. “When I first started here I really wasn’t a spider man to be honest with you. When I got into craw spaces I would take a stick and knock the webs down.”

Spiders and bugs can be more than a pesky problem.

“The German Cockroach - they bring respiratory issues,” Dennis explained.

When the insects are driving homeowners like Richardson buggy, Dennis makes them top priority.

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