Capitol Arts Center Ceiling Causes Shutdown

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For the second time in three years, Bowling Green's Capitol Arts Center is closing its doors for repairs amid concern for patron's safety.

The historic theater underwent major renovations in 2002, and re-opened in 2003. But 3 weeks ago, Capitol officials began noticing plaster peeling from the under hang of the balcony. Steve Jones, the Capitol's new president, says the plaster wasn't part of the earlier renovations, and that the peeling is probably due to the building's age.

A three-day concert event was scheduled to begin at the Capitol on Thursday, but the concert was moved to WKU's VanMeter Auditorium following an emergency meeting Thursday morning.

Because the building is county-owned, officials must go through a bidding process for the repair work, estimated to cost between $20,000- $50,000, and slated to take one to one and a half weeks.

"We may be turning to the public soon," Jones says, when asked how the Capitol will pay for the renovations.