Bikers Ride For Fallen Soldier

On May 30, 2007, 20-year-old Cpl. Joshua Moore died while serving in Baghdad.

Josh was a native of Logan County where he attended Logan County High School and shortly after graduating high school he joined the military.

Josh was a member of the 1st Infantry Division in Germany with a long-term goal of becoming a Kentucky State Trooper.

It's now been nearly three months since Josh's passing but the community is still showing their appreciation for his sacrifice.

A group of motorcyclists rolled into Russellville on Aug. 18 for the fallen hero's memorial ride.

Jim Bourne geared up to ride his 900 Kawasaki through five Kentucky counties.

It's a 120-mile trip he's taking in honor of fallen U.S. soldier Josh Moore.
"I spent five years in the service in Korea and over in Germany during the occupation. I read this in the paper and said this is something I can do," Bourne explained.

But like several of the 100 participants, Jim never met Josh in person.

That doesn't matter to this group of riders.

They've come out in full force to support the troops, both the current soldiers and the fallen heroes.

"The way the community's come together since Josh died, I'm not surprised," Josh's mother, Carolyn Moore, said.

"This community's been so great for us and backed anything. You couldn't ask for anything better," his father, Jeff, added.

The riders have all made a monetary contribution with the proceeds going to the Josh Moore Scholarship Fund.

And as they gear up to go, Josh's 2005 GMC pickup is along for the ride.

"When he left to go back this time, he rubbed this truck and patted it. This truck meant a lot to Josh," his mother said.

But this won't be the last time the group plans to ride with the stars and stripes proudly displayed.

The fallen hero's memorial ride is expected to become an annual event.
"I want to thank everyone for coming out, carrying on Josh's name and not letting him die. I wished he could see it and probably he can," Carolyn continued.

The memorial ride started in Russellville made it's way through Bowling Green, stopped in Mammoth Cave and finally finished in Morgantown.

A date for the 2008 ride has not yet been set but event coordinator Forrest Goold suspects it will happen earlier in the year, closer to May or June.

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