Workers Finish Fourth Borehole Into Collapsed Mine

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In Utah, workers have finished drilling a fourth borehole into a collapsed mine where six miners are trapped.

The workers are lowering a camera hoping for any sign of the men who have been missing since August 6.

The community continues to reel from the deaths of three rescuers on Aug. 16, even as it clings to the desperate hope that six miners trapped 12 days ago might, somehow, still be found alive.

"I think we're still hoping for a miracle. We're hoping they'll be able to find the miners. We're just anxiously waiting for some news today," said Capt. Maggi Laubach, with the Salvation Army.

The only hope now is that a new bore hole, the 4th so far, will break through a section of the mine and find someone alive.

The underground rescue operation was halted after the mine's wall collapsed on a rescue crew. Cesar Sanchez's brother Manny is one of the six still trapped and Cesar doesn't want anyone else to go down in the mine.

"I don't want no one else to get hurt. I feel so bad for their families--we are all going through the same thing," Sanchez said.

Like others, he'll pin his hopes on the 4th bore hole. When the drillers do break through, rescuers will send down signals and another camera, hoping for any sign that the six men survived.

If the men are alive, the hole could be used to deliver food and water.

But even if rescuers find signs of life, it would take weeks to lift them out.

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