Turkey Crazy Works To Make Guns Safer

Their name is the Turkey Crazy Company, but they're working for a very serious cause.

Turkey Crazy has launched the "safety plug," a bright orange product that expands to fit any gun.

The safety plug is intended to be used in between hunts to let others know that a gun is a safe firearm.

Creators of the product say the safety plug can be seen up to 100 yards away.

Their primary target is youth, but Turkey Crazy hopes hunters of all ages will adopt their product in an effort to save lives.

"If you always had this in your gun and it's not unloaded, everybody would get used to seeing that over and over. You don't see orange in that gun, you're going to be very curious about that gun. You see it in there, you're going to know it's safe," explained Tim Ferguson, with the Turkey Crazy Co.

For more information on the safety plug, visit www.saf-t-plug.com.

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