Master Plan Helps New Students Transition to WKU

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Summer break comes to a close as a new wave of Hilltoppers hit WKU's campus.

These students began moving into residence halls on Aug. 18 and 19.

1900 freshman and first-year Western students are attending "Master Plan."

The program which is now in its 13th year is aimed at giving Western newcomers a "jump start" to the collegiate experience.

"It gives them a chance to get to know the campus--to get to know where their classes are at and meet the faculty and staff before upperclass students come in," said Brian Kuster, with Housing and Residence Life.

The focus of the next four years will be on the college students going after their degrees.

We talked to the parents they will leave behind as they go for their post-secondary education.

It's been a smooth move-in day for Jeff Wells and his family.

But what's not going to be so easy is that his son, Jordan, is out of the house and out on his own.

"It's going to be a missing spot in life I guess. A hole, I guess you would call it a hole," Jeff said about his son leaving home.

Jordan's moving nearly an hour away from Owensboro to begin college life.

"My dad's pretty laid back. He's pretty cool with it. He's ready for me to head out I think. My mom's a little sad. She's been crying since this morning," Jordan explained.

Wells and his family aren't the only ones dealing with letting their little birds fly the coop.

Brian Kuster said every year during "move-in day," he sees the emotional goodbyes families share.

"I witnessed a parent, a mother and father and their daughter departing. The mother was crying. The daughter was also crying a little bit," Kuster admitted.

Mother of both a Western senior and sophomore, Cindy Long, said even though her kids live at home during the summer months, it's still tough when the new school year rolls around.

"You always dread the first time they go away to school, but then it's like you have to tell them goodbye all over again. So that's kind of hard," Long said.

Jeff Wells said he asked other parents with kids in college how they dealt with having a child go off to college and he says they had some sage advice for him.

"I've learned how to let go which is still a hard thing to do, but that was the basic thing. Learn how to let them go and run their course," Wells explained.

It's an adjustment for him and the new crop of parents who will now be sharing their children with college and the rest of the world.

Jeff Wells said he plans on seeing his son Jordan monthly.

"Master Plan" officially kicked off Aug. 19 with a convocation and will wrap up Aug. 23.

The first official day of classes is Mon., Aug. 27.

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