Virginia Tech Starts Back, April 16th Memories Still Haunt

At Virginia Tech, this is the first day of classes since a campus gunman killed 32 victims in April 2007.

It was bound to be be a bittersweet occasion, but returning students and faculty find themselves facing new adversity.

Students here say they’re anxious to get back to learning, but the tragedy darkens the promise of a new school year for returning students who were injured in the shootings. Shooting survivor, Katelyn Carney is learning to write with her other hand and in Norris Hall, where she was shot, there are no classes. The dorm room where Seung-Hui Cho began his killing spree is locked. Needless to say, there are new security measures on campus.

On the eve the semester beginning, several students were hospitalized-- poisoned by carbon monoxide. The carbon monoxide leak at an off-campus apartment left at least two Tech students in critical condition. In all, nineteen people were sickened by carbon monoxide at the off-campus apartment.

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